Department of Kriya Sharir

Kriya Sharir Department


  • This subject deals with the study of human body in Physiological functioning of human body in its normal state. This department is equivalent to Physiology and Biochemistry of the Modern Medical Science.
  • The whole purpose of Kriya Sharir is to explore the normal functions of the living organism, their principles, their mechanism and their actions. It involves understanding human physiology along with the principles of functions of human body from Ayurvedic perspective.
  • In this subject, students get introduced to basic Ayurvedic concepts like Dosha-Dhatu-Mala, Pachana, Prakruti, Atma, Mana etc. If one understands the normal processes of body i.e. Kriya Sharir, it is easy to understand Ayurvedic pathological and pharmacological changes; and further Ayurvedic medicine.



  • To impart following concepts
  • The basic concepts of Human Physiology in Ayurveda
  • Describe the fundamentals of contemporary physiology related to all organ systems along with the important links between these systems.
  • To analyse and record the fundamental parameters related to physiology like Deha Prakruti, Dhatu Sara and Mala Prakruti in a healthy individual.


  • Acquire the reasonably good skills in written and practical physiology.



  • It has a well-preserved elegant museum with rare specimens and fine exhibits.
  • Well-equipped laboratory.
  • The department also has an exclusive library.
  • Computer and Internet facility.