Department of Balrog

Kaumarbhritya (Balrog) Department


Department of Balrog deals with the study of normal as well as pathological condition of children in details. This is the important basic clinical subject of Ayurveda. Students get knowledge of Ayurveda as well as modern science.



Department takes effort to prepare best clinicians, academicians and socially aware person during college life.

To give detailed knowledge of Balroga to students through innovative teaching techniques


Departmental Features

Kaumarbhritya department is having separate departmental library, charts, and models essential for teaching.



  • The hospital department is having well qualified, co-operative and experienced staff.
  • Department participates in various Health check-up camps organized by Institution.
  • Department runs vaccination program recommended by national immunization program successfully.
  • Suvarnaprashan camp is organized on Pusyanakshtra every month by the department of Balrog